Pre/Post Deployment


Pre-deployment and post-deployment medicals are a great way to screen for conditions and support wellbeing for international assignments and after repatriation/return home.

Pre deployment

When you work abroad, this will cause stress with limited access to medical care and treatment. So, it’s good practice to review fitness before travel. We use our knowledge of travel medicine for bespoke pre-deployment medicals.

1. Work Health Assessment questionnaire
2. Physical examination
3. Necessary blood tests
4. Advice for family including children

We can facilitate:

  • Visa screening
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • HIV and infectious diseases screening
  • ECG, radiology and laboratory testing

Pre/Post deployment

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Post deployment

A medical is essential for promoting physical and psychological health and wellbeing (of employees) following their (overseas) assignment.

Individuals could have experienced rehabilitation stress or the challenge of acclimatising/re-acclimatising, new social living and limited access to healthcare. A post-deployment medical can identify health needs while allowing the opportunity to address any concerns.

Screening comprises:

  • 1. Physical examination
    2. Medical history
    3. Blood tests / screening for infectious diseases.


You need to bring the following documents to the examination:

Please provide AAME with the relevant medical forms provided by your sponsor.

If unsure please contact us.

Applicants can bring their medical notes which should include reports for any conditions – even if you are well.

e. g.  Passport or Driving Licence.

Applicants can bring a brief patient summary from their GP surgery including reports for any condition e. g. “Blackouts”, “Sleep Apnoea” or “Diabetes”  – even if you are well.

(This must disclose any chronic complaints e. g. nose bleeds, asthma, allergies, migraine, arthritis and medications)

Please bring your Spectacles even if you use contact lenses.

Sometimes AAME may require additional information.

Addtional information

Every case is unique, and based on your circumstances. AAME will fulfil your requirements 

It will be your responsibility to provide AAME with the list of the requirements based on your needs.

Assignment considerations

If your prospective assignment is overseas or has a travel itinerary then your health needs will include considerations as to climate, altitude, vaccinations and other hazards. 


From £245.00 (basic requirements).

Additional costs may be incurred in: 

  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • HIV and infectious diseases screening
  • ECG, radiology and laboratory testing
  • Drugs of abuse
  • Buprenorphine

Please contact us for further details.

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