HGV, PSV and Taxi


We provide medicals for DVLA Group 2 including:

  • HGV
  • PSV
  • Taxi
  • A renewal HGV/Bus medical is required at 45 and subsequently every 5 years until it becomes an annual requirement from 65.


You need to bring the following documents to the examination:

(Do not sign or date) Complete before you attend (declare any chronic complaints e. g. nose bleeds, asthma, allergies, migraine, arthritis and medications)

View our Resources to find relevant forms.

e.g. Passport or Driving licence.

New applicants can bring a brief patient summary from their GP surgery with reports for any health condition e. g. “childhood murmur” – even if you are well.

Please bring your Spectacles even if you use contact lenses.


The following checks/procedures may be carried out at your medical assessment:

Addtional information

Vision Assessment

Before attending your appointment, take your Application Form to the Optician for completion of ‘Vision Assessment’ (page 2). 

Medical conditions

You must disclose any medical condition or prescribed medication as it may affect your ability to drive safely. See DVLA website for further guidance.


How long is the examination?

The appointment takes approximately 30 minutes.

When will I get my certificate?

After your examination the forms need to be signed for submission to the DVLA. 

Medical pricing

£65.00 (If Optician report not completed, Eye exam addition £55)

Decrease in medical fitness

If you become unwell you must seek advice as soon as possible. 

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