Specialist Casework


At AAME, we provide Specialist Casework to evidence and determine your fitness, ability or inability to continue your activities/work based on your current health, occupation, social, psychological or physical circumstances.

Specialist casework and fitness checks is often undertaken:

  • When required by employer.
  • Changes in medical circumstances.
  • Changes is social circumstances, which impact your ability to perform.
  • When you have recovered from incapacity or illness.
  • During and after pregnancy. 

Specialist casework

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You need to provide the following to AAME upon engagement of our services:

Applicants should provide a brief patient summary from their GP surgery with reports of any relevant condition to support your casework.

Sometimes AAME may require additional information and this is based on a case by case basis.

Submitting your casework

Information relating to your case needs to be compiled and presented. AAME will do this on your behalf. So that the regulatory authority can verify your medical certificate.

AAME will undertake the following on your behalf:

Addtional information

Every case is unique, and based on your circumstances. AAME will guide you on the requirements to evidence your medical history which supports the fitness statement outcomes. 

It will always be your responsibility to provide AAME with the relevant information for any casework undertaken. The information is used by AAME to represent your case to the regulatory authority.


Possible fitness outcomes


Specialist casework – £200/hour.

(Information scrutiny and advice: reports, results, emails/attachments/telephone @ 15 minute units)

Fitness statement – £60 

Fitness verification – £85 (exam £160)

Decrease in medical fitness

If you become unwell you must seek advice as soon as possible. Meanwhile you must NOT exercise any privileges of the licence. 

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