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Medical examinations for Aviation, Pre-employment, Pre-deployment, DVLA, Sport, Firefighter and Fitness assessments.

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Class 1 + Air Traffic

Revalidation or Renewal

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Cabin Crew

Initial or Renewal

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HGV, PSV and Taxi

HGV, PSV and Taxi

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New pilots requiring CCA

New Pilot for Cabin crew

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Class 2, Drone + LAPL

Initial, Revalidation or Renewal

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Airside Driving Permit

Confirm Airside driving permit

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Firefighter and AFC

Initial, Renewal and AFC

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Pre/Post Deployment

Employment postings

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Other Medicals

Occupational, sports, training etc...

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Specialist Casework

Ability/Disability and fitness verification

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About AAME

Adwick Aviation Medical Examiner (AAME) conducts medical examinations, fitness assessments and supports return to work. AAME can provide Certificates for Employers and regulatory authorities such as the Civil Aviation Authority, DVLA, Charities, Sports Clubs and Associations. Our ethic has always been to help you ‘keep flying’ safely. 

AAME can verify being fit or unfit, suspension or disability. Or Recovery and Rehabilitation. This includes normal experiences such as Pregnancy. The endorsement and evidencing needed is known as Specialist Casework.

Please book medicals or request reports for Occupation, Sport and Recreation (e. g. Parachuting, Tourist Diving and Motor Racing), General Aviation, Driving (Taxi, PSV, HGV and Airside), Firefighter/Fitness, Training activities, Fit-to-Fly/Travel & colour vision testing.

Adwick Aviation Medical Examiner will verify fitness and provide medical certification as required by your Employer or occupation. 

Pre-employment screening provided for Recruitment Agencies. 

Our resources are on offer to you privately or to Government, Corporate or Third Sector agencies.

AAME customers include: Police, Armed Services, Emergency Responders, Airline and Aviation Service Industries. 

About me

Dr Mushkoor Sheikh is the Chief Medical Examiner. He was formerly a Squadron Leader in the medical branch of the Royal Air Force.

He has worked in Occupational Health (Fitness assessments), Environmental Medicine, Air-Sea Rescue & Aeromedical Evacuation.  

In 1998 Dr Sheikh became the CAA’s Authorised Examiner for Doncaster District. 

He is also a GP, Medical Tutor, CQC Specialist Adviser and GMC Appraiser.